Property Owners



CCR provides emergency and restoration repairs to property owners who have suffered a loss. Unlike other construction companies who solely provide repairs, CCR uses its deep understanding of the insurance claims process to guide you so that the restoration can be expedited as quickly as possible.

​We understand that filing insurance claims can be daunting and confusing, especially if you are doing it for the first time. We specialize in working with insurance companies and can minimize the effort you need to put in as well as maximize the outcome.

Our team empathizes with the discomfort you feel during the restoration process, sometimes being displaced from your property during the repairs. Our goal is to make it quick and easy for you to get back to your home or business.

To further simplify the process, we can be your single source provider for all of your restoration needs. We have the expertise to handle all phases of the repair. We are even a direct source for common replacement items like flooring and cabinetry, which gives us more control over the timely delivery and installation of those key items.

We are consistently given high marks in customer satisfaction and we would like to continue on our excellent track record with you. Many of our customers return to us to complete remodeling and other repairs to their homes - we would love to be your contractor for life.